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Tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility

However, like in any other industry, the value of CSR in tourism operations has not been practiced universally though recognized by industry players in recent years.
One of the main reasons for the limited practice is the view that it is often considered non-essential in operations or is a secondary financial and operational priority (Campbell, 2006). At the same time, most management principles designed for the industry are focused on direct clients and sustainability has only become a recent priority for the industry (Voultsaki, 2000). Henderson (2007) points out however that recent global events, such as the Indian Ocean tsunami, have greatly challenged this viewpoint. The realization is that as tourism industries have become more significant for economies and become more accessible to global markets, it is impacting social interactions, communications and collaborations in a similar scale.
In a study developed by Weaver and Lawton (2004), the concern that tourism is affecting local communities negatively developed from the limited insight on how visitor's move ...
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Tourism and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are issues that have become a focus for the tourism and hospitality industry. Supported by research highlighting the impact of tourism activities in localities and their potential to support social development initiatives, developing competencies for collaborations between industries and communities has become a strong advocacy…
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