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Essay example - The Cybersecurity Act A free internet no more

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Internet can be defined as an electronic network that links information and people in different locations through the use of computers and other digital devices. The internet allows for communication between different people, information retrieval, searching for information as well as a valuable educative tool for all age groups…

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The internet is a vital tool in shaping the society. Digital technology is rapidly evolving and faster data transfer rate as well as internet connectivity using the mobile phone and the other devices have opened up the communication field with huge impact to the social changes. The internet is an imperative tool in promoting social changes and bringing about interaction that can help different cultures mingle. The internet has also be blamed for a demoralizing the society by fostering violence, encouraging the influx of phonographic materials, sex exploitation, illegal trade, encouraging children to sex, promotion of immoral behavior and other numerous social ills.
This study focuses on censorship of the internet as a means of guarding the degradation of social values and norms and also as a means of fostering social interactions and shaping the society in a positive manner. Bell (1997) investigated the social impact of the digital communication and determined that the use of such devices would have both positive and negative effects. Castells (1996) argues that, the digital communications provide the material basis for pervasive expansion. Castells adds that, the internet will result to the formation of "a networking form of organization."
Internet censorship refers to the act of withholding or controlling access to some information fro ...
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