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Government and Non-governmental Organizations

Many a times the international community does not even protest against such atrocities and it is only after the levels of atrocities exceed all levels of human degradation that corrective measures are to some extent enforced.
Non-governmental organizations meanwhile are allowed to act only when the governments where such atrocities happen allow them to operate effectively in a non-biased manner. However, non-governmental organizations fortunately are the first ones to report, condemn and to request world community to intervene to stop the wrong doings. In their limited ways they do try to help as much as they can, but most of the times their efforts cover only a small percentage of the assistance that is overall required.
In these essay, while we shall be comparing and contrasting the roles of governments and non-governmental organizations we shall without intention also be critical of these two important functionary bodies. ...
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For comparing and contrasting the world and non-governmental response to the Holocaust and similar mass killings in our recent histories, we would first have to understand the prevalent policies of the countries in which such genocides happen. The roles on the other hand of other nation states through their governments and non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International, United Nation, the Red Cross and the United Nations differ as different nations most of the time consider their national interests and thereafter intervene in the internal affairs of countries where such crimes occur…
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