The Effects of Autism on a Familys Social Participation From a Fathers Perspective - Essay Example

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The Effects of Autism on a Familys Social Participation From a Fathers Perspective

In this study, the researcher conducted a qualitative investigation regarding the impact that autism has on a family's social participation from the father's perspective. The researcher will explain how using the Person-Environment-Occupation model may both increase levels of social participation and increase the overall wellbeing and mental health of family's of autistic children.
The nature of Autism, a complex developmental disorder, remains largely elusive up to the present time. However, there have been myriad advances and discoveries regarding this condition (Rutter, 1999). Compared to other developmental disorders, Autism is being diagnosed at a rapid rate with an annual growth rate between 10 and 17% (Autism Society of America, 2007). This disorder has a prevalence rate in one out of every 150 births and affects approximately 1.5 million Americans (Autism Society of America, 2007). There is both a desire to treat the devastating effects of this disorder and a fascination to understand the nature of social interaction of patients with this condition. ...
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Caring for an autistic child has been shown to have a significant impact on a family's social participation (Avison, McLeod, Pescosolido, 2007, p. 336). From a father's perspective, nearly all forms of social support are reduced during the process of autistic care (Rodrigue, Morgan, and Geffken, 2005)…
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