Developmental Geography

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1. Difficult physical environments are a leading contributor to the slowdown of economic growth in China. The country is composed largely of vast metropolises and poor rural areas. The registration of families makes it impossible for a family to move from the poorer environments to the larger, better developed, richer segments of the country.


There is only one option for banking in China, the state-run, bureaucratic system. This monopoly system does not allow for anyone but the already wealthy to borrow from their coffers. This banking system shows the state's disinterest in developing the poorer areas of the country by their investment in only the wealthy segments of the country (Qinglian).
3. Individual debt ties in to the choice for second place among the factors slowing down the further development of China. With the only banks as state-run institutions that are disinterested in assisting customers in the rural areas of the country, they are effectively keeping those citizens in poorer circumstances. The vast national debt of the country is also a cause for major concern. China is trillions of yuan in debt and continues to borrow from other countries, allowing companies in Switzerland, the United States, and others to become predominant fixtures in the Asian country (Qinglian). International companies see the debt of Chinese owned companies as a way to move into the financial market in Asia. International companies are slowly taking over the Chinese market.
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