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Religion in Canada

So, are Canadians picking and choosing when it comes to their religions and religious practices? Using examples from different religions, here it will be examined how Canadians think of religion, what the trend of religious practices are in Canada, and what the future of religion is in Canada.
Much like the U.S., Canada is somewhat divided over religion. Depending upon where one goes, there may be more Catholic than Protestant influence. For the most part, Christianity remains one of the religions that plays a major role in Canadians’ lives.
Since Canada is close to the U.S., Canadians share many of the same Christian values that Americans do—although perhaps not to the extreme that Americans do. The Canadians that this writer knows—who happen to be Christian—tend to be very choosy with the way they practice their Christianity.
Basically, their services are boring. Their music is boring.
In fact, there is not really too much to celebrate when worship rolls around on Sunday morning. Canadians live in somewhat of a glass bubble.
Canadians are sheltered from the world. Usually, their personal views are very narrow. ...
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“In recent years, rational choice/religious market theories of religion have achieved sufficient prominence especially in U.S. sociology of religion that some commentators have even begun talking about a ‘paradigm shift’ in the field…” …
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