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Essay example - Medication Errors

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Medication error can be referred to as circumstances that lead to a patient taking wrong medication, wrong dose or even taking the drugs at the wrong time, which may result to unexpected effects to the patient. In some circumstances the patient may omit the drugs at Specified time or even Continue taking drugs which have already been stopped by the doctor which may also contribute to the medication error.

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On the next stage the pharmacist dispenses the drugs according to the doctors prescription. The duty of the nurse is to administer the drugs to the patient, which depends on the dosage and the amount, prescribed by the doctor and eventually the patient consumes the medicine. According to the above stages, medication error may occur at any stage, which may cause the effect to the patient.
In Australia, medication errors are a considerable problem that has drawn attention of all stakeholders and the government at large. The negative impact of medication errors has therefore been taken seriously in order to improve the current situations. Sharrock J and Happell B.
(2000) Argues that medication being a sensitive activity requires efficiency and sober knowledge to achieve the target, which in this case is saving life and helping the patient regain normal health. According to Whyte S. (2000) Medication errors in Australia has reached a critical stage with a reasonable percentage of patients suffering more resulting to a complex situation due to permanent disabilities or even death which has a negative impact o the society. Statistics also indicate that approximately 20 percent out of the total drugs administered to the patient in Australia results to medication error (Santamaria N. 2000.). ...
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