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Human beings develop or grow by observing the surroundings and so they are called as social animals.
Children at young age don't have that much understanding to differentiate between genders or elderly people, teachers, family members and friends are the easiest scapegoats. The beginning of spanking may start from people surrounding the child start interfering in their matter and trying to alter their thoughts and at the same time molding them in a way what their parent or guardians need their wards to grow.
This noble effort may be a good weapon to blend their children into a multi-talent adolescent, but it may have serious consequences if the child is already preoccupied by thoughts of his own. At this time if someone tries to interfere with their thoughts and intentions, emotions that may burst paving a way of spanking whoever tries to bother them. "When children mould their behavior as ways to avoid pain, they are likely to end up as self-centered and selfish adults." (McCord, 832).
Children at tender age can't differentiate between teaching and strict discipline. Their lies a very thin line between teaching and discipline. If the child experiences this he/she may get disturbed and may get averse to the situations and will react unruly.
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If we start analyzing the issue from the root cause, we can understand the reasons why children at young age or adolescents develop the tendencies like harassment, discrimination, maltreatment, singling out, humming and hounding which is nothing but bullying…
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