Acupuncture:answer to chronic pain management

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God has allowed pain to rack a human being's body for several purposes. First,it makes man remind him of his finiteness and his being a vincible and dependent creature. Without pain,man can freely assert that he is the captain of his body and soul.


that something potentially or actually damaging has caused irregularity and imbalance in his body and might potentially cause his body to go helter-skelter resulting to the institutionalization of pain in his life, making it a chronic pain that causes him to physically, emotionally and financially suffer. Especially in cancer cases, pain becomes intractable and becomes his constant companion plunging him sometimes to the abyss of despair (Bates xv).The chronic pain sufferer's first line of defense is the gobbling of prescribed or unprescribed drugs to hopefully mitigate or vanish the suffering. Unluckily,many of these drugs have adverse side-effects and worse there is also the possibility that such drugs may not work for him, reducing them to mere placebos (Mumenthaler et al ix).The worse thing is that because of the use of these drugs, the patient becomes addicted to them. It was reported by Marks and Sacher in their 1973 research that 1% of chronic pain sufferers who were inpatients and who were prescribed demerol or meperidine became addicted to that drug (Lubkin and Larson 82).Another unpleasant side-effects of drug taking are drug tolerance and physical dependence. It is widely observed that after repeated administration of drugs, several patients develop a tolerance of such drugs, meaning that these drugs have lost efficacy forcing the taking ...
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