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Essay example - Operation Management Particularies

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Every manager should organize a stable and predictable supply chain. A supply chain, logistics network, or supply network is a coordinated system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service in physical or virtual manner from supplier to customer.( http:/

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While solving the problem you should remember that the main purpose of each entrepreneur is to minimize costs and to maximize benefits. In this case its evident that mathematic methods should be applied. The economist usually use linear programming
Linear programming is an important field of optimization for several reasons. Many practical problems in operations research can be expressed as linear programming problems. Certain special cases of linear programming, such as network flow problems and multicommodity flow problems are considered important enough to have generated much research on specialized algorithms for their solution. A number of algorithms for other types of optimization problems work by solving LP problems as sub-problems. ( programming). To use the method you problem should be equated in the form of mathematic
So linear function is c1x1+ c2x2+ c3x3 min. c1- number of loaders c2-number of tracks c3- every loader's salary. X1- number of parts loaded by each employee x2- truck tonnage x3- number of loaders. Restrictions are x1,x2, x3 c1.c2 c3 0. a11x1+a12x2+a13x36 a21x1+ a22x2 +a23x312
Forfeit is the return of property someone belonging or in return for a bad happening as part of a contractual or legal transgression ( ...
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