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Case Study example - Smart Car

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Case Study
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This paper has the primary objective to look at the ability of Mercedes to position smart car in its main markets with highlighted competitive advantage through product features and advertising and media campaigns that not only emphasize such product features but also address the appropriate segment of buyers…

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smart car; Should Mercedes rethink its ambitions in the small-car segment and what are the chances that the "smart" car will be a commercial success and ,finally, can the "smart" car sustain a competitive advantage in the competitive microcar market The paper would end with strategy based marketing recommendations to make MCC's strategic process of strategic choice and analysis with in organizations in relation to its competition. The paper also takes a theoretical look at strategy making within the marketing function in the smart car before making the above referred recommendations.
Swiss watch making is recognized by one brand name: Swatch. Swatch made it possible for the Swiss watch industry to emerge out of a bankruptcy threatening recession in the 1970s, when over-confident manufacturers stuck to old technology ignoring the impact of new quartz technology which had allowed cheap, accurate watches from the Far East to capture the market. ...
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