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Latin American Literature (Marquez)

When he enters the kitchen on the morning the Bishop is expected, both the cook, Victoria Guzman, and her daughter, Divina Flora, know what Santiago Nasar will not learn for some time--that two men are waiting outside the house to kill him. (Marquez, p.15-19) They, like many others Santiago will cross in the short time before his death, do not warn him. When the narrator's mother hears the news of what is to happen to Santiago, she immediately sets out to warn Placida Linero that her son is in danger, but is stopped in the street and told that "they've already killed him." The twins even reveal their plans to a policeman who passes on the information to the mayor, yet even that does not stop the murder. On her wedding night, Angela furious husband returns Angela to her family. This is seen as violence to her family, especially in the conventions of the time where such an act brings shame to both Angela and her family. As one might expect, she is now put under a lot of pressure to tell her family who it was that took her virginity. ...
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The writer of a novel can create interest for the readers by using violence, tricks and lie. The novel "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in this novel the author incorporates the use of lies, deception and violence to keep the reader on his/her toes, adding mutually to the interest and mystery of the novels and it forms the foundation of the story and contributes to the mystery and obscurity of the novel.
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