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Article Review: You Belong

Several specific products are used as examples of this phenomenon.
Review. The article begins by discussing the principle of individualization in marketing. It notes that the marketing community has gone from a "Yell and Sell" (p. 57), broad-based approach to an overemphasis on individuality. The author advocates that marketers should move away from this "one-on-one" (p. 58) marketing focus to one which uses a community marketing approach by cultivating its branding in such a was as to infuse it into a community. Based upon the premise that the human race not only needs a sense of belonging, but also demand it, the author maintains that we belong to survive. Using a humorous example of a caveman who takes his spear to hunt a wooly mammoth and realizes that he needs his friends, the author makes the point that humans need each other to survive. He then cites clinical studies that show the benefits of belonging, including one on the survival rates of recent heart attack victims who either had a strong support network or not. The individuals with the support of community lived significantly longer lives. He then concludes that humans are genetically programmed as a race with the desire to form groups. We not only belong to groups in order to survive, but to also create a sense of reality and meaning in our lives. The article notes how we look to our communities and relationships to frame what things are real and what are not. ...
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Summary. This article addresses the issues of branding in terms of individuality vs. community. It notes the fact that in spite of the American concept of rugged individualism, human beings are creatures of communities and those communities are changing…
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