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Since the ratification of the World Trade Organization, seldom does a business

Studying abroad is a very daunting task. I have to adapt to a culture very different from those where I belong. Receiving my basic education in Hong Kong, I realized beforehand that Asians, especially the Chinese, have different learning and interpersonal orientation from Westerns. I have noticed and learned through experience that our ancestors instilled discipline and obedience in our educational system, Westerners, on the other hand, engenders independence and creativity. Aside from this, in business, Chinese and other East Asian countries are more adept in quantitative skills, Americans, however are more skillful in giving presentations and in expressing themselves creatively.
Though initially intimidated by these differences in attributes and orientation of the two sides of the globe, I realized that I have a definite advantage from my peers. The opportunity of immersing myself in the diverse cultures of the East and the West is very essential in the age of globalization. The luxury of learning and actually experiencing the strengths of both cultures is now within my grasp.
By persevering in exposing myself in them, I now have first hand access to the advantages and benefits that ...
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Globalization is now a phenomenon that has tremendous impact in businesses worldwide. Since the ratification of the World Trade Organization, seldom does a business entity escape from the effects of international relations. This means that to succeed in this global environment firms should develop effective skills in fostering relationships with foreigners…
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