Essay sample - Effects of mobile phone use on health

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Computers play significant role in the development of digital technologies and are imposed to fast change and growth in the domain of communicating and information delivery. Developmental issues in the area of computing can be viewed from different points…


The report is structured in the following way: two groups of people are chosen to participate; with the help of independent experts, groups from recommendations and minister for public health research covers current issues in the development of mobile connection and its impact on cancer.
The paper further describes the work of every group and how it helped to realize research. The first groups was used to get statistical information on the use of mobile phones and helps to indicate the expected growth of the indicator for the following periods. It says that "at present there are approximately 25 million subscribers in the UKin the next five years it is expected that this will have increased to45 million subscribers" (Stewart et al 2000). The group also looked at the specific technology used and mobile phone operators, as well as the advantages that mobile phones bring with them. The group cited "a number of economic benefitsin terms of employment and tax revenue" (Stewart et al 2000). The first group also helped to define radiofrequency radiation usage, electromagnetic compatibility, Electric and magnetic field intensities and fields from mobile phone systems.
The second group of participants considered the use of mobile phones and its possible outcomes on adults health, particularly the risk of glioma ("a specific type of brain tumour for which ...
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