Stephanie McCurry's "MAsters of Small Worlds" - Book Report/Review Example

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Stephanie McCurry's "MAsters of Small Worlds"

McCurry's thesis is well argued and some of her sources are well researched as well. But not all of McCurry's arguments are convincing. In fact, in most cases McCurry provided very little pertinent evidence for her arguments. The concepts of political and social unity however have been presented with some well examined evidence such that they seem more plausible than McCurry's other arguments which are not only based on insufficient data but are argued such that the concepts themselves are open to several interpretations. McCurry bases most of her arguments concerning the yeoman society on the Low Country's geographical factors. However, one finds that McCurry, in her aim to explore the principles of the culture and structure of the yeoman society has attempted to broaden the geographical precincts of the low country. Perhaps McCurry felt compelled to do so in order to present pertinent data for her arguments. It might be that McCurry did not find enough data to back up her thesis and arguments. ...
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The book "Masters of Small World" tries to portray the socio-cultural and political background the South Carolina Low Country; the focus of the study in the book being the yeoman society. When trying to represent the yeoman society, Stephanie McCurry also thought it pertinent to expose the nature of the relationship shared by the yeoman and the planters of the South…
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