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Southwest Airline Case - Essay Example

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The competition among the local American airline industry - that is, being fought over by top airline carriers such as Southwest, United, Continental, Delta, and many others - is primarily a battle that is all about corporate strategic positioning where each company's own competitive advantage plays a vital key to their success and becoming the market leader in the airline industry…

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Southwest Airline Case

Southwest Airlines' success story was definitely not an easy business venture to accomplish because, as a new entrant in the airline industry way back in the seventies, they had to battle out large and well-established airline companies such as Continental Air just to be able to gain shares in the market and also, they even have to unfortunately adhere on to (unfair) state policies, one of which was the so-called Wright Amendment, whose alleged intention was to slow down Southwest's progress ["Southwest Airlines (A)" p.53]. But despite all the obstacles hindering their company growth, Southwest's strategy in confronting this dilemma however, under the leadership of Herb Keller the company's CEO, was to give more focus into improving its services more for their customers' satisfaction and delight rather than be provoked and get depressed by the imposed threats of their competitors. ...
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