Employee Privacy in the Workplace

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The onset and rapid advancement of information technology has dramatically changed many patterns of human life. The wind-like spread of computers and the Internet alters virtually every segment of social, political, cultural and economic establishment, and as traffic on the information superhighway hits never yet seen intensity some rather controversial issues associated with the use and abuse of the new technology arise.


New technological developments established closer links between regional, national and international economies, and practically eliminated the conventional barriers between economic segments. For example, the rapid rise of transnational and transcontinental corporations owes a debt to the technological advances of the recent decades (Castells, 1996). The outreaching global economic importance of the new technologies has long prevented many from attempting to reveal the effects that occur on the lower level business. Dramatic transformation of the typical American workplace due to availability of the computers and Internet can probably be ranked number one among these effects.
The technological developments of today benefit employees and employers greatly helping them perform their duties and accomplish the goals more effectively than ever before. However, job-related potential of the Internet and e-mailing is only one aspect of their use in the workplace: these services also provide a number of opportunities for non-job related activities, such as visiting a news portal, sending a quick e-mail note to a relative or friend, etc.
The issue of employee privacy in the workplace has emerged as the result of the employers' concern with proper employee behavior while on the job. ...
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