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Essay example - Nursing theory, and application to practice

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There are many practice problems noted every day and there are practices initiated to solve those problems. However, many of those problems do not stay fixed. Staff have a tendency to move back to old habits of care. Ensuring satisfaction, safety, and staff nurse efficiency is a difficult thing for frontline managers today and there are many practices being studied to improve care…

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Research shows (Snyder, Kessler, Hitchings,, 2007), that specific actions made by nursing rounds reduced frequency of call lights and falls as well as created increased satisfaction with the nursing care. However, to reap these benefits meant hourly rounds by the staff. The study by Snyder (2007) addressed pain, position, and personal needs done by hourly rounding. They found a decrease in call lights and falls and an increase in patient satisfaction. Falls were decreased significantly and overall patient satisfaction went from the 3rd quartile to the 1st. This was further supported by a study done by Orr, Tranum, and Kupperschmidt, (2007) showing the same basic results. They showed decreased falls and much improved results in pain control. In 2007 a study was reported in Clinical Nurse Specialist again, supporting the same results. Johnson, and Topham (2007) reported a decrease in patient falls by 46% as they found that most patient falls were attributed to patients getting up to go to the bathroom. Hourly rounding improved this kind of fall drastically. All of these results indicate a quality, safety and cost effective way to improve patient outcomes. ...
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