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Newspaper reading prefernces among final year undergraduate students. - Research Proposal Example

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High school
Research Proposal
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This is a qualitative research which will use the interview method to understand the opinions and views of a sample of a population. The results of the study can be used to inform newspaper publishing houses about reading patterns and preferences of a specific sample of population. …

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Newspaper reading prefernces among final year undergraduate students.

The findings will be used to make recommendations for type and kind of content that can be added to newspapers or made into a separate supplement for the sample of population in question. The findings and recommendations can be disseminated to a wider audience through articles, presentations and reports.

The sample will comprise of 25 females and 25 males from final year of undergraduate class. Convenience and purposive sampling will be done to reach out to the desired sample. The chosen participants will be the one who will be willing to participate and respond to the questionnaire.

All interested participants will be contacted beforehand for appointments for a face to face interview. A brief description of the study will be provided and the participants will be assured of confidentiality of their responses. At the time of the interview, the responses will be noted as well as tape recorded with participants' permission. Individual interviews will be conducted and each interview will last for about 30 minutes. The responses will be transcribed after the interview is over. All written and recorded data will be labeled with necessary information such as date, name of participant for ease of referencing. ...
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