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The changing market environment

The markets have transformed to international from local. With the increase in the exposure to masses and increased geographical market coverage, the need of quick and up to date information has also increased. With the changing business environment the buyers are also changing. With the increasing incomes the buyers have become more selective. For a company to launch its product in a new market it has become important to have the information from the buyer needs to buyer wants. On the other hand it is also important to have the knowledge of how to present the product in effective manner in order to reach the customer in an effective manner. With the changing business needs the new marketing techniques such as product differentiation, branding and advertising are also gaining immense importance. This paper is aimed at finding out the appropriate marketing communication strategy for Jalsberg cheese which is a famous branded cheese in American Market and ready to be marketed in new European market.
Norseland Inc. was founded in 1978. The purpose of the company was to market and distribute Jarlsberg and other Norwegian cheese in United States. ...
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This report is a blueprint for effects of the selection and implementation of communication mix on the marketing of Jarlsberg cheese in the New European countries. It contains practical and suitable recommendations for the company for increasing the sustainable growth and competitiveness by implementing the right and most suitable communication mix in order to address the target audience.
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