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Soul Man

It goes to show the reality, things have changed for the better but racism still remains a daunting challenge and it affects the lives of the blacks' day in and day out. Racism is portrayed and also condoned in some shots of the movie thought it isn't conspicuous, this movie could only have been made in the late 1980s, it would have been severely condemned had it been made in the present time. Some shots are very offensive and raised a hue and cry back then but it was settled and did not become a great problem.
The after-school format is also shown in the movie and it represents stereo-type, it goes to show how almost everyone does the same thing and the same represents stereo-typing in the society. The stereo-typing was focused upon to make the audience laugh and this, wavered the intention of the director. The intention was to make the people realize how stereotypical the society had become and to motivate the people to think out of the box but when it was turned into a comedy, the essence of it was lost and as a result of which the desired impact wasn't created on the minds of the people.
Mark turned into a black man in order to ...
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Sing low, sweet chariot was originally a song which was included in the movie soul man, this song was let removed because it was considered inopportune and it also showed conspicuous racism and this is why it was removed from the movie. This paper will expansively present important elements like racism and prejudice portrayed in the movie soul man, this paper will also highlight other important aspects such as stereotyping and prejudice.
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