The Lab report to study the impact of Specific drug on Hamsters

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The specific drug has specific effect on the activity level of human being as well as animals. The drugs will show different impact on the activity levels of animals.


The study observes the hypothesis, where the specific drug has impact on the hamsters. To formulate the hypothesis, the study has done an extensive literature review on hamsters and their vulnerability towards drugs. And the study assumes that there are several instances where different drug levels altered the metabolic and activity levels of hamsters. But to prove the hypothesis, the study conducts a lab experiment, to collect first hand direct information by treating the hamsters with specific drug.
In order to find out the impact of the drug on the activity level of hamster, the current research proposes to conduct a quantitative study. The approach to conduct the quantitative research is adopting a lab experiment on the hamsters. Quantitative research is used to investigate research questions by producing numerical output of data which are quantifiable to interpret the results. The research is a conformity rather than exploratory because earlier research evidence is available on the impact of drugs on the hamsters. Because the research scope does not allow the qualitative methodology to directly measure the impact of drug on hamsters leaving the possibility for Quantitative method. Lab experimental method is conducting the study in which the investigator has little bias in deriving the out put. The output is the result of direct outcome from the involvement of subjects and variables. By allowing the collection of primary data, the method reduces the subjectivity of the researcher by limiting the direct influence in the outcome. The primary data collection also provides metrics to derive the cause and impact mechanism through step wise reactions that can be observed during the experiment. ...
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