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Banking Education - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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In Paulo Freire's essay "The Banking Concept of Education", he likened the system of education to that of the banking system, wherein the teacher is the depositor and the students are merely "receiving, filing, and storing the deposits". …

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Banking Education

The educator hence strives to regulate the way that the knowledge comes to the students and thus hinders their own thinking.

Freire also related this banking philosophy of education to necrophily. It is mechanical thinking wherein the necrophilous person prefers memory versus experience, and having as opposed to being. It is in this act of controlling that the actual education of a person ceases.

Freire offers the solution to this problem. There is a need to "transform the structure" so that the students can become "beings for themselves" instead of just being incorporated into this system. He further argues that true liberation does not alienate people and it is "not another deposit to be made". He termed this liberation of education as "praxis," a problem-posing education that which aims to consider people as conscious beings. As the banking system of education strives to maintain a "submersion of consciousness", the problem-posing method aims for the "emergence of consciousness and critical intervention in reality."

On the other hand, Richard Rodriguez wrote an essay on "The Achievement of Desrie." In this essay, Rodriguez wrote an account of how he found himself through education, and how in doing so, his life had drastically changechanged.
Rodriguez came from a middle-class Mexican family whose parents worked hard to earn a living, and who sent Rodriguez and his siblings to a school that they were barely able to afford.
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