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Essay example - Being A Good Second Language Teacher

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Knowledge of foreign language has recently turned into necessary to people in order to feel comfortable in the increasingly diverse global community. Also, while studying another language people study the culture of that country that makes the view of the person wider and gives additional development to the person…

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As for academic studying a foreign language can improve cognitive and critical thinking abilities. Knowledge of a foreign language gives an advantage in every career. Foreign language study provides the ability to gain an understanding of the country's trading partners. Many multinational corporations and nongovernmental organizations need people with foreign language abilities. Learning a language is not just learning about its pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, it is learning to see the world as the other culture sees it.
To study a language well, the teacher must have professional skills and have perfect knowledge in language. Also it is important to involve students in studying and to make the subject interesting. For language teacher is obligatory to be a good trainer in speaking and writing and know how to make his lessons easy for understanding and for learning. In order to have good knowledge in language it is necessary to understand all sciences that are connected with language studying. These are all sciences that are called Linguistics sciences and of course Country study.
Language learners must acquire a language's components such as its sound system, basic lexicon, and grammatical structure, all of which takes time and practice. ...
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