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Team Dynamics College

Of all resources an organization has in its disposal none is perhaps as relevant and important to the success of the organization than the human resources.
Human resources if managed well hold the key to the success of the organization. According to (Cranny, Smith, & Stone, 1992) human resources output is higher when the employee's function as a team than it is the case when employees do not work as teams. A synergetic effect is what results when organizations embrace team spirit. However, creating functional and efficient teams calls for expertise, tolerance and a lot of motivation on the part of the organization. Teams enable employees to exploit their potential and therefore increase job performance. A team consists of members with diverse experience, skills and qualification, cultures and business backgrounds. To an organization, this translates into potential for success. However, as (Cranny, Smith, & Stone, 1992) notes team building process is a challenging process that can present numerous challenges to the management.
However teams have disadvantages such as reduced independence of talented and capable workers, social loafing as well as bureaucracy hence time wastage (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2005). ...
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Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn, (2005) defines a team as a formal group of people working together with an aim of achieving common goals. Teams are important in that, they improve performance in an organization, they enhance communication and they make an organization more competitive in that they draw from a wide range of talent…
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