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Assignment example - Ensuring Sustainability in Infrastructure Development

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The infrastructure facilities are the backbone of all the development activities of a region. The increased rate of developmental activities often results in the consumption of huge quantities of natural resources and also lead to severe environmental impact…

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The objective of this study is to evaluate different forms of sustainable approaches that are practiced in different components of infrastructure development. Based on the analysis undertaken a pragmatic intervention across all the infrastructure development programmes in UK could be proposed.
There are different ways in which the sustainability is currently addressed. It could be in the form of energy efficient construction where materials used for construction are prepared through the processes that consume very less quantity of energy. Every material used for construction demands certain amount of energy for its manufacture. Materials like cement and steel are the examples for high energy materials being used for construction. Thus making infrastructure development process more energy efficient demands optimum use these high energy materials. With energy crisis looming large it is essential that entire construction process need to be turned energy efficient. Another approach is to substitute the conventional building materials, like aggregates, with different alternate materials. This would also result in lesser dependence on scarce natural resources and also finds an alternate use for other wise waste by product. ...
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