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Terrorism and Its Indirect Victims

Of course, we can't forget the many police, firefighters, and other people on the streets who were buried in rubble or hit with falling bricks or other types of debris. All of these describe the direct victims are a terrorist attack, those who were killed or maimed. In the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, we find many direct victims as well, though these numbers were nowhere near the thousands who lost their lives when the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. It is not difficult to understand and visualize these victims and what the direct effect was on them from these attacks. These are the direct victims; those who suffered death or severe injury from a terrorist attack.
On the other end of the scope, there are the indirect victims. Who or what are these indirect victims The first one that comes to mind for anyone is the families of the direct victims: wives, children, parents, other relatives, and friends. These are the ones who suffer, being without a loved one on which they depended either emotionally or financially. ...
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Terrorism has been a major problem in the world for a number of years, but it has caused a sense of urgency in controlling in since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Prior to that time, we had the attacks in Israel by the Palestinians, but there was nowhere near the devastation and loss of life and property that was experienced on that fatal day in 2001.
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