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Admission/Application Essay example - reentry

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Admission/Application Essay
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I have always been amazed at how the human body functions. How the internal organs, bones, vessels, tissues, and even the tiniest cell functions or relates to other organs in the body. The relation is emphasized when abnormalities or changes in them occur thus creating consequent ill effects to the body as a whole…

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All throughout I was intrigued at the process of examination and the use of such high-tech machinery. I knew I had to learn more to see how the human body really functions. Intrigue turned to amazement when I saw and monitored the fetal development of my own child. You get to see the wonder of life as it grows inside the womb. The high frequency ultrasound is a true blessing to all mothers and fathers as well. After monitoring such wonder several times, it dawned on me that this is what I want. I want to be in the same field of study. I want to be a radiologic technician. I knew it would be difficult to go back to school seeing that I already have children. I knew the problems in child care, scheduling, work load, household concerns and school assignments can be too difficult to handle altogether. Perhaps this is a contributory factor to my failing my first positioning class. But that is behind me now, it is of the past. I have learned from the mistakes of the past. I know now what I must do and I am ready to make extreme sacrifices to make things work out this second time around. I have already lined up, inquired and inspected, several options for child care for my girls. I have already set up a routine which is working well. ...
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