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Essay example - Sociolgy I need to tell a story how I did something to benefit myself.

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In life, I believe that sacrifice for the sake of attaining something is a primary factor in achieving my dreams. That is the reason why I gave up many things just to pursue my aims, even at the expense of others. Winning is paramount in my life and I have to do what is needed to do, and accomplish the necessary goals just to be there.

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But who cares For me I was very willing to accept solitude and monotony just to become a well respected basketball player.
Of course I had to undergo various RATIONAL CHOICES before embarking the journey towards success. The BENEFITS and REWARDS of become a popular basketball player should be greater than the COSTS it entails. As I have said I knew beforehand that becoming popular requires many sacrifices that would eat up most of my time. But as far as the UTILITY of these sacrifices are concerned, I never regretted in forgoing the joy and excitement that other activities gives. I am determined to accomplish my mission and attain my goal of becoming a popular basketball player in New York State and obtain a full basketball scholarship to Loyola College, whatever it takes.
To become a professional level basketball player, an aspirant should undergo certain steps. One of the most essential of these is practice - tons of practice. To do this, I utilized most of my time to practice my shooting skills alone. While most of my classmates are still asleep I managed to wake up at 6 am most mornings during high school and went to the school's gym and took exercise and made 100 foul shots every morning before I enter school. This became part of my morning ritual. ...
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