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Sociology project summary

It underscores the distinction between progress without environmental degradation and modernization with damaging pollutants (315795_Cities+Week+3.ppt).
The Rocks stirs the imagination of the locals as well as the tourist. It takes back one to the rugged and craggy landscape of ancient Australia, to the more somber period of the settlers consisting mostly of convicts, and finally to the marvels of the modern city (Australian Explorer).
In order to find out more about The Rocks, its past and current affairs, my team and I thought it fit to make a questionnaire and move around the place meeting people and talking to them with the help of the questionnaire. We decided to move in different direction of the city in twos. There was some apprehension as we had not undertaken this type of work earlier, but we were excited about it. However, when we launched on this project, it was a rewarding exercise. We not only received substantial information, but we also made many friends.
The Rocks stretches from the harbor in the north to Kent Street in the west and Grosvenor Street in the south.The hustle and bustle of the city has not eroded the pristine glory of the place that has seen an evolution that would not have been possible elsewhere. ...
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Captain Arthur Phillip first sighted The Rocks in Sydney, Australia, on 26 January 1788, and the rest is history. This place has metamorphosed to become one of the finest cities in the world and has retained the old world charm with exceptional elegance. The Rocks is one of the most visited places in Sydney…
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