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OH&S-Hazard audit & control

The precautions to avoid accidents should be taken and the long time effects on the health of the employees need to be avoided.
1.1 Fork lifts: The tools and machinery used in the warehouse are capable of causing injury through accidents. The conveyors, forklifts, scissor lifts, stacker cranes and overhead gantry may result in falls, entrapment in moving parts, falling or objects, collapsing stacks and dislodgement in machine parts. The machinery involved in the ware house can be a danger to the health of the employee, if it is not designed to be safe, not well made, not properly guarded, not well maintained, used in different conditions than it was meant for, illegal modification and the conditions like the operator not supervising the or not able to concentrate for any reason. The occupational health and safety laws in Australia will cover the hazards that are associated with tools, equipment and machinery in the work place. Some states in the country and territories do have problem specific regulations. These are capable of minimizing the plant hazards. The employer must assure that tools and equipment are safe. If the machinery used is the old one, it may cause break down. ...
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To avoid the above mentioned risks, the OHS can be implemented by the employers. It assures the workers the guarantee about their health and safety in the work place. The health and safety of the workers should be the responsibility of employer, government agency and the employees collectively…
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