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Essay example - Operations Management for Competitive Advantage IP

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To stay in the present marketing world a company should have good customer support services. The competition among companies is high and they to stay at the top they are using aggressive marketing strategies. The operational management and the Human Resource (HR) departments have a bigger role to play in the development of the respective companies…

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To become a multinational company the management has to expand its units across the country. As company and its other units are slowly expanding so does the problems are increasing day by day.
For the last 20 months or so Going Inc. has seen consistent drop in its financial structure that resulted in heavy losses in the business. The important factors were found to be the hiccups facing by the staff in delivering the goods on time, baggage handling and in customer care.
On the manufacturing side Going Inc. was unable to meet the supply demand. They have been successful in manufacturing and supplying of small privately owned airplanes. Since the public interest shifted towards the branded name and the feel of first class look the company has to meet the requirements. But Going Inc. was slow in its production rate. To meet the market demand on the manufacturing side and to improve customer care service the management introduced some strategies.
One of the important factors that should be concentrated is on customer care service. The staff should be trained and should be at best when dealing with customers. The quality of the service should be of high degree. On the manufacturing side the company has to speedup its operations because if it won't meet the market demand it would loose potential ground. ...
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