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Essay example - Safe Workplace: Mentoring at Waratah

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Waratah Engineering is a company based in Cardiff, New South Wales that offers a range of engineering products and services to the mining, engineering and automation industries of Australia and New Zealand. Having performed an evaluation of the company's OHS and risk management practices previously, we will now develop a mentoring plan outline to assist management in meeting the needs of the company.

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Accordingly, since there is not going to be a classroom instruction component, we will rely on the use of experiential participation to convey the desired outcomes. By combining a key relationship for an individual employee with his or her mentor and focusing that mentor on both teaching good safety practices on-site as well as modeling the appropriate standards of safety, our plan will assist Waratah's OHS committee in its quest to have the highest safety record in the industry.
The area of Waratah's operations that will be targeted for the mentoring program will be the field service/machine maintenance section. We have selected this operational division because it takes place away from the company's primary facility, and places workers in an environment that is outside of the control of Waratah's management. The employee will be performing repair and maintenance tasks on Waratah's equipment that is located at a customer's job site and the implementation of a mentor will help to prepare the employee to face unknown workplace conditions while efficiently and effectively repairing the mining machines.
Teaching. The mentor will be required to be a teacher of safe workplace practices. ...
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