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Essay example - Climate and Temperate Forests in Equilibrium

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Temperate forests comprise a large percentage of the world's forest cover, roughly half according to Dudley (1992). Compared to tropical forests, which are being actively exploited to an alarming degree, temperate forests are generally preserved in its natural state…

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Do temperate forests exhibit stability in terms of cover, biodiversity and function in the carbon cycle What is causing temperate forests to decline if it is indeed in equilibrium with climate
The article "Forests and climate change" (FAO Corporate Document Repository) states that forests serve an important function in the environmental balance as a carbon pool. A carbon pool is the storage area where carbon dioxide is released or stored. The rate of exchange normally depends on the life cycle of the forest elements. Ideally, the forests are in a state of a perpetual carbon sink, which is defined as a system in which there is more carbon going in than out.
Equally admirable is when the amount of carbon absorbed from the atmosphere is equal to the amount of carbon released back into the environment. Unfortunately, especially since the Industrial revolution, this balance has been upset to an increasing degree until the effects of the climate system imbalance has become too severe to be ignored.
There have been several efforts in limiting, and hopefully eventually eradicating, this imbalance, with minimal success. ...
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