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Aboriginal Children

This was characterized as the period of dispossession, physical ill treatment, social disruption, population decline, economic exploitation, codified discrimination and cultural devastation. (Gardiner- Garden, 1999). During the dispossession a law was implemented to remove the Aboriginal children (especially girls with light skins) from their parents. The removal was done to segregate the full bloods from the half castes. The children who were removed from their parents were given a cheap source of labour and facilitate the christianing of the indigenous population. The removal of a child from its parent is a violation of human right. Although the purpose of the European and the government is to give a better life for the children still it is not right to forcibly remove child from the custody of its aboriginal parents.The children which are forced to separate with their parents where taught with lies. They were being taught their culture are without value, their language are prohibited, they suffered physical harsh living conditions and experienced multiple institutional and/or foster placements. They think they were unwanted, rejected or that their parents were dead. Based on the reports, one in ten boys and just over one in ten girls allege they were sexually abused in children's institutions-and more abuse in foster placements. ...
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Australian Aboriginal is the oldest living culture in the earth.The 19th century was said to be the period of dispossession.The dispossession took place in the first century and a half of European-Aboriginal relations in Australia…
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