Female Issues in Streetcar and Hedda - Movie Review Example

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Female Issues in Streetcar and Hedda

She fabricated lies to make herself look good and hide her weakness. She presented herself as someone with breeding and educated background although in reality, she was an alcoholic and a former prostitute who had a penchant for seducing younger men. Her husband committed suicide when she insulted him after her discovery of his homosexuality. She seemed to believe her delusions to be the truth because the lies gave her the life she dreams of living. She was desperately looking for someone who would shower her with kindness and end her loneliness. Stella's husband, Stanley, though, despised Blanche's phony glamour and affectations and discovered her checkered past. He wanted to put her in her place and he confronted her with the truth when they were left alone. In the battle of wills and passionate rage, Stanley raped Blanche. This finally brought Blanche over the edge and deep into madness.
Hedda Gabler Tesman (Hedda Gabler), daughter of an aristocratic general who belongs to the suburban, middle-class family at the turn of the century (1890's) was a strong-willed woman who would get what she wanted. She projected the image of a much-admired lady and was presumed to be an ideal housewife for the academician George Tesman. ...
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The two films deal with the lives of the heroines, Blanche Dubois and Hedda Tesman, both obsessed with the realization of their dreams in their desperate search for that "elusive" happiness. They are, however, trapped in the conventions of the societies of their times…
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