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MySpace - Essay Example

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Summary has revolutionized interpersonal communication by enabling people to reach out and expand their social networks online in a way that was never before possible. The popularity of has quickly made it the premier social networking website, and has catapulted into the mainstream a new genre of internet social communication tied to establishment of individual web pages to which the pages of others are linked…

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It truly represents a new generation in interpersonal communication and establishes a model for how the power of the internet can be leveraged to bring social networking to a whole new level. People are able to learn about others in a way they never before would have imagined. They can choose to engage with others based on a heightened level of knowledge and information that was rarely available prior to the advent of
Interpersonal communication has accomplished no less than enabling civilization as we know it to exist. It has evolved and advanced over millennia in order to adapt to ever changing socialization needs. Today's society is driven by technology. The ultimate destination for interpersonal communication is arguably a kind of networked culture in which the thoughts and ideas of each person are readily available to every other person. The power of the internet is essential to that end. is one of the pioneers in leveraging internet technology to make a giant leap toward the kind of networked social circle that is likely to be the most prevalent form of interpersonal interaction in the future. enables users to create their own web page containing blogs that describe thei ...
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