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Essay example - International Security in the Global Era

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The present work is devoted to the discussion of the question of international security in the global era. The main question to be answered is whether the concepts of international security should be expanded beyond the notions of military force. To answer this question, the main global threats and theoretical concepts will be described and considered.

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In other words, global security is a strategy, directed at providing the vitally important interests of the global community. This is the classical realistic approach to the issue. (Buzan 2003, p. 11)
It should be reminded, that from the viewpoint of political realism, international relations always exist in the shadow of the war. Thus, the main means of achieving and protecting international security in realism and neorealism is supposed to be force (in its military and political dimension) and the main instrument for guaranteeing international security - is the balance of forces. (Lawrence 1998, p. 49)
There also exists and is developed the understanding of the international security based on the liberal-idealistic paradigm. One of the central notions of this paradigm is the idea of international cooperation, based on universal values and general human interests. From these positions, the threat is presented by those participants of international relations, which refuse from cooperation and break the generally accepted moral and legislative norms. ...
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