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They can live independently and enjoy all the normal activities, like driving, cooking and having sex. The movie takes you on an emotional ride that stirs some deep sentiments but manages to shatter many misconceptions we have about disabled. The story is not about people confided to wheelchairs but people who never thought their lives would come to this, of people who were fiercely competitive, people who believed in smashing, crashing, hitting and just feeling the extreme adrenalin rush on a daily basis. When these people had to come to terms with reality, one can imagine what a bleak reality that must have been. But then they discovered quad Rugby and their lives changed for the better.
The story revolves around Joe Soares, Zupan and Keith. Keith was a Rugby player who had just had a serious accident that smashed his motorbike and left him a quadriplegic. Soares was a former member of Team USA and captain of Team Canada. These teams participate in quad Rugby championships. Zupan was not a quad from birth. He was sleeping in his friend's truck when a sharp turning threw him off the truck and close to a ditch. The ordeal that lasted 13 hours left him a quad but Zupan turned his life around when he became the best quad Rugby player ever. He is also the spokesman for the game in the US.
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Murderball, released in 2005, is probably one of the finest and most original documentaries of the decade. The best thing about the movie is its sheer originality and its courage to portray the lives of those who we have termed disabled. The movie was largely inspired by Dana Adam Shapiro's article Murderball and interestingly the writer was also on the team of producers for the movie.
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