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Peer Reviewing

The main objective of peer reviewing is to undertake some sort of analysis about certain kinds of mistakes or making appropriate changes the work. Technically speaking, it means providing feedback on the work done by one another. Moreover, the concept of peer reviewing gives emphasis on improvement of the work.
The first part begins with a clear, accurate and self explanatory definition to Technical Analysis. After deploying a relevant quotation from Pring that explains some additional facts about technical analysis, the paper focuses on the basic principles used by technical analysts. The first theory, i.e. the current share price fully reflects all available information, is directly stated, but needs some explanation. It may be considered that technical analysts, based on this premise, believe that it is redundant to do fundamental analysis that all relevant information is already reflected by prices. They also say that news and news events do not significantly influence price. The motif behind the quotation added here is not clear. But, the statement and explanation of the second principle is clear and precise, and the words of David E Bowden enhances the merit of the work. ...
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Overall, this paper about the basic principles three different types of technical analysis, and response given to the statement, is written well. The assignment question requires the writer to outline the basic principles used by technical analysts in their assessment of investment, discuss three different types of charts used by them in their decision making, and provide with a suitable response to the given statement…
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