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This workbook contains your assessed work. We have structured the activities to take no more than 25 minutes per day, with the exception of Assignment 2. With care and a little planning you should be able to complete all the tasks by the end of you placement.


You can then look for development opportunities during your work experience.
Choose 3 of the skills from the audit that you would like to develop. In conjunction with your placement mentor, try to identify potential opportunities on your placement that you could use to build you skills.
Action planning is an important part of producing the evidence for CPD. Although a very simple tool, in reality little more than a "to do" list, it provides a record of how you work through your development.
1. Regularly analyse my current standing in the workplace in terms of learning and performance criteria. Will take care of little things like being punctual, dressing smartly, and always wearing a smile on face even under demanding work pressure, to demonstrate my professional attitude.
2. Try to offer good ideas connected with improving service offered by my host institution. Develop lateral thinking capability, out-of-the-box solutions. Take responsibility to lead new proposals.
Since at present, I doubt my confidence vis--vis interpreting numerical data from histograms, etc. I will try to develop interactions with colleagues to solve this deficiency in skill areas, and gradually endeavour to achieve a high degree of comfort.
The journal is meant to be a brief record of what you did on your placement. ...
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