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Ludwig von Bertalanffy Systems Theory - Essay Example

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Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy was an Austrian-born biologist and one of the founders of general systems theory. Von Bertalanffy was a professor at various universities in Vienna, London, Ottawa, and Southern California etc. There exists isomorphism between different fields…

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Ludwig von Bertalanffy Systems Theory

"It is frequently noticed that general aspects, view points as well as isomorphic laws exists in different fields, irrespective of the nature of entities involved. Thus, there appears to exist a general system law.
Conventional physics define itself only as a closed system, i.e. systems which exist as isolated from their environment. But, systems by their nature and definition are not closed one, but an open one. Every living being is an open system and it maintains its life in a continuous inflow and outflow, a building up and breaking down. Only in recent years, to include open system into physics has been considered. Open system theory was advocated by this theory. Modern theory of communication is another development of the system theory. The main idea behind communication theory is information and in many cases the flow of information can be elicited by the reaction. Another way of measuring information is in terms of decisions. The second concept of theory of communication is that of feedback.
Diffusion is the process which communicates innovation to members of social system through certain channels. Otherwise, diffusion of innovation studies how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology are spread through cultures. Everett M. ...
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