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Interior Design

With the fascinating variety of experiences, but textural and cultural to dip into, there has never been a better time to be an interior designer, or interior architects as we are often known as.
The first and most noticeable challenge that our profession faces is control over the gradual but inexorable dominance of technology. The curricula in colleges are software specific, to the extent that in cases the act of design itself is limited by what can be designed then displayed with the available software. Design firms use colleges like training grounds for their own recruitment, by encouraging instruction in software and technology used by their firm. The use of technology in all its forms is a boon without a doubt, but the challenge is the need to propagate the use of technology as a tool, rather than as a set of design-defining parameters.
Another challenge that is faced by the field of interior design is the corporatization of the field, where a relatively small group of design firms amass the resources and the means to dominate every aspect of the profession.. To deal with this, Interior designers have to redefine themselves and the way they project their skills and their profession, so as to enable their potential clients to see the innate value in personal interaction. ...
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Interior design as a formal field practiced as a science and as art, accessible to all, has come into its own in the past couple of hundred years. Its education, its dissemination and its execution has evolved in keeping with the times, from the Baroque to the post-modern through art-nouveau, De-stijl and other movements that have distilled it and helped it evolve.
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