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Essay example - I Can Problem Solve Program

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Dr. Myrna Shure's I Can Problem Solve program (ICPS) is a program developed in 1983 to help children improve their behaviors by teaching them how to think of other options when running into problems (Shure, 2002). By also creating a program for parents, Shure has focused parents on helping to assist children in solving their own problems (Shure, 2002)…

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First, it is important to take a careful look at Shure's own approach and experiences with this method. In the article "Raising a Thinking Child: I Can Problem Solve Program For Families," Dr. Shure explains the ICPS approach (2002). Myrna Shure's program, "Raising a Thinking Child: I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) Program for Families, helps to develop interpersonal cognitive problem solving skills (ICPS) relating to behavior, and can be implemented as early as preschool. By focusing on the child's interpersonal cognitive problem solving skills, the program is attempting to help cut back on the child's ability to develop problematic behavior in later life. Parents are also taught in this program, as they are educated to develop an appropriate problem solving method in their own communication, which should give young children the ability to think for themselves (Shure, 2002).
When Dr. Shure first made the program, the program had been developed for parents (especially mothers) and guardians of low-income four-year-old African American children. The program has now since grown, and works with parents of children that are as old as seven, as well as middle and upper-middle income children, and children that demonstrate at-risk behaviors (for instance, children with ADHD or any other special need (Shure, 2002). ...
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