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Imaginary Dystopic World

Love is not possible without every member of society being guided to be free (
In this world full of love, technology plays a very significant love. The Twenty-first Century Bible is the cornerstone of our modern continental society where everyone is led and guided to be free for mutual love through the nonviolent nuclear observation channels of communication, entertainment, prosperity and democracy. This Bible is an ingenious creation of the Best Vanguard of the People made to be creative by the never-governing Leader known as Hero (Davison, 7-81).
7. Marriage, 8. Foreign Policy, 9. Thinking, 10. Crime, 11. Nonviolence, 12. Development, 13. Defence, 14. Morals, 15. Peace. These are the Fifteen Commandments. Everyone is free to read these regularly for 24 hours everyday. When people are at work, then they must freely meditate on these Commandments without fail. Their freedom is possible only through its constant reading and meditation.
The world is so developed under The Twenty-first Century Bible that a world without war has come up. Here citizens are all the while busy countering one another. They are also getting ample oppoirtunities for cultural entertainment. Here, Nature, food, rest and love are highly mechanised.
Entertainment and Technology: Environment is very clean for even cockroaches ...
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This is the age of information technology and widespread massive automation and computerization. In this world of push button click-clack of mouse mobile compatible devices, an Inter-Continental Global Council is ruling the roost. It is run through complete individual freedom obtained with guided principle of love, thinking and human feelings.
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