Principles of Taxation Law - Case Study Example

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Principles of Taxation Law

A supply will not be regarded as a 'taxable supply' to the extent that it is a 'GST-Free' supply or an 'input taxed' supply. The GST payable is calculated at 10 percent of the value of the consideration that entity receives for making the supply (excluding GST). Entities registered for GST are entitled to claim input tax credits for the GST included in the costs of various goods and services that the business has acquired for its activities. "However where an acquisition relates to input taxed supplies, the registered entity may be restricted in its ability to claim input tax credits for that acquisition depending on the purpose of the acquisition and the supplies to which it relates"3.
Depending on the size of the turnover the entities registered for GST are subjected to certain reporting obligations. The entities are required to prepare and lodge with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) GST returns on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The entities whose turnover is more than A$ 20 million per annum are required to file the GST returns on a monthly basis. ...
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Goods and Services Tax similar to the Value added Tax (VAT) prevalent in European jurisdictions is an indirect broad based consumption tax. "It applies not just to goods and services as commonly understood but also to real estate and the creation of rights…
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