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business law/ethics

In many environmental concerns, the consequentialistic theory is almost always applied to evaluate certain actions and policies. Holbrook (1997, p 18) argues that there are two environmental ethics principles - the self-realization and the environmental preservation, which are two logically independent principles. The self-realization principle holds that the best action is that which ultimately provides for the individual to survive and continue to live well, while the environment preservation principle posits that it is the best or morally sound action that which consequentially preserves the environment (Ibid.).
In the ongoing controversy about which kind of wine bottle stopper gives the most benefits to humankind - the natural cork or the synthetic stoppers - the arguments to both sides have presented equally sensible and reasonable logic. ...
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Consequentialism refers to the moral theories which hold that the consequences of any particular action form the basis for valid moral judgments about such an action (Mullender, 2000). Historically, the term consequentialism was coined by Anscombe (1958) as a description of what she saw as the central error of certain moral theories, and has since become a common term in the English language ethical theory.
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