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Cultural Effects of Alexander's Conquests

The people of Asia were quick to adopt the culture of the conquerors. This situation set the stage for integrating Greek culture in the conquered territories and information from both ways. As a result artists, painters, musicians and writers flocked to these cities founded by Alexander in Persia, Egypt and in the later other cities also followed classic Greek city style, complete with baths, temples and public meeting places, a style directly borrowed from Greek, which was further spread along the Silk road in the conquered territories.
It is a well-known fact that, the changes in cultures, which we know as history of the civilization, are the direct consequence of sweeping conquests. When Alexander's armies subjugated the known world by their military prowess, the result was Hellinization of the cultures in the centuries to come, and the impact was equal spread from Europe to Middle East and Central Asia. By 323 BC Alexander Empire was stretched from Greece to Egypt, Iran and India. As the Empire grew larger, so does the Greek influence in these new conquered territories. At every conquered territory Alexander setup a strategic military installations with complete Greek style towns, which imported the Greek culture and ideas. And these influences can even be observed even in today in central Asian art and architecture. ...
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Alexander is considered one of the most powerful and successful commanders of all the times, conquering most of the known world before his death. Alexander conquered the Persian Empire, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Central Asia, and India. He integrated foreigners in his army and followed the policy of fusion…
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