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Reflect on your learning experiences during the semester

That is why on my first week I am very excited in immersing myself in a university learning setup.
However even from the start I had trouble balancing work and university life. My busy schedule in my work had given me very limited time in my studies. From the start I have doubts on whether I can fully absorb what the instructor is teaching. Also, knowing my tendency to jump into any activity without clearly thinking on the possible loopholes and disadvantages in embarking on this undertaking has intensified my fear that I might have wrongfully chosen the course that I enrolled in. I also felt that I might fail to observe and reflect on the inputs that I should have received.
Kolb and Fry's Experiential Learning theory provides a clear strategy on how to fully immerse myself into the lessons that I really want to learn. It is a learning cycle that starts from one's concrete immersion to the knowledge and skills that I want to learn. After one's immersion, a person should observe and reflect on the stimuli that he received. This time, his analytical mind should work to pick up the loopholes and the flaws in learning the skills. The holistic mind accumulates these loopholes and mistakes. It will then use these in laying down fresh guidelines in performing things. ...
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Learning how to manage business has always been a passion that has always inspired me to take up business management. During the first week of the course, I am very eager to learn the theories and techniques in managing business since the first week of the module…
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Reflect on your learning experiences during the semester
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